5 Ways to Optimize Your Blog

optimize (1).png

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you have a blog, that you’re killin' the game and that your hair looks really nice today.


The thing is, there’s lots of nerdy, behind the scenes stuff that you might not know about blogging. No offense, but your blog is really amazing and more people need to see it. So this is my nerdy gift to you: tips on how to get your blog in front of more people’s eyeballs.


#1 Keywords are Essential

If you know about keywords, skip to the next section. If not, it’s cool, no judgement. When starting a blog you want to have a band of words that people will search to find your website. You want some to be broader and some to be more specific. The key (ha) to these words is to make them genuinely searchable. What would people be googling to find you? So if you’re lifestyle and fashion queen based out of the 406, your short keywords are could be something like “fashion blogger Montana.” Now take those words an integrate them as much as you can into your blog post titles and general content.


#2 Girl-Crush on Alexa

You’ve probably hear that you should make your post titles and even website names searchable on Google. This is def true, but with the rise of Siri and Alexa, things are changing. Not only do you need to use words in your posts that people would type for, you need to use words that people would actually say. The stats are in, and the amount of people using voice search is only rising. Which means website managers are newly tailoring every keyword to be easily spoken words.


#3 Connect to Yourself

As a rising influencer, you likely have a social media presence that is adorably curated. Use that to your advantage to get more traffic to your site. Your social accounts should be clearly accessible from every page, leading people with a single click to your grams. At the bottom of each post you should make it really easy for anyone to tweet your blog post or pin your adorable photo. Likewise, use your social accounts to let people know that you’ve posted a hot and fresh blog post. Link that post in your bio, tell them about it in your stories and then they’ll take a journey back to your website. It’s the beautiful internet symbiotic relationship. Like those birds who eat bugs off of hippos. But less gross.


#4 Feel the Need for Speed

Make sure your blog loads quick as a bunny! Studies show that the many visitors will abandon a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. That's obviously insanely fast. There are several things you can do to make your site load faster. One is making your photos smaller, another is to turn off plug-ins that you don't use. These are fairly easy things to do on your end. Optimizing your CSS and getting your JavaScript to load last are both really helpful too. If those last two sounded like crazy-talk, you'll want to leave those to the nerds.


#5 Glean from the Pros

I obvs believe in investing in an optimization expert. But not everyone has that kind of capital. So one of the coolest ways to get free tips on optimization and all things marketing, is to follow companies you admire on Twitter. The peeps I currently work for, will tweet out weekly tips and tricks! Now that's what I call, ballin on a budget.


There are a billion and half other things you can do to help your blog rank higher in Google. These are just a few tips to nudge your hot butt in the right direction. For now, I’ll leave with some quick bonus tips. Keep posting regularly, use lots of images and videos and make beautiful shareable content.