5 Free Apps To Help You Slay Your Instagram Game


Beauty bloggers, fashion influencers and business alike build their branding around gorgeous visual aesthetics on Instagram. Some of us just want to use the algorithm to our advantage and have fun while building our personal brand on the platform. With each new feature Instagram releases, the more opportunities for great self promotion. Over the years I’ve gleaned the top apps to help you slay with the best of them and stand out from crowd with your own unique brand.

(P.S. click on any photo to download the corresponding app)

Perhaps the most used app by top bloggers is Facetune. The app will rock your world by manipulating your pre-filtered photos to make them perfect. I mean, you’re perfect as you are, but also who’s not down with editing out a zit every now and then? Taking away blemishes, blurring backgrounds, color correcting, and defining features are just a few of the best features. Bloggers with a white feed aesthetic particularly like this app to correct discolored backgrounds. You’ll find that after some fidgeting, a photo of any quality can be worthy of your feed.

Every good grammer knows that a cohesive feed attracts more followers and keeps them with you. This app allows you to a pick a gorgeous filter or create your own by crafting a perfect formula. Slap that puppy on all your pictures and voila’! You’ve got a perfect feed in no time. I suggest looking up VSCO filter formulas on Pinterest and then tweaking them to make them your very own. After all, personalization is your best friend in brand cultivation. Remember that photos taken in different lights will need to have edited exposure settings to make sure your gorgeous feed remains cohesive.

Planning your posts in advance is practically the only way to survive while trying to post consistently. UNUM allows you to see exactly what posts would look like in your feed so you can make everything look pretty. It uses drag and drop features to make planning really easy. The free version even allows you to see your best posting days and times! In its basic form UNUM will also shoot you a reminder to post your beautiful pictures. That way, you can focus on the important stuff, like responding to comments and sliding into DMs.

I get most asked about my IG stories and IGTV videos. “How did you make this? What app did you use?” Here it is, my secret of secrets: InShot. It’s the most user-friendly video editing app I’ve found that makes IG stories fun. Whether you’re splicing together a mashup of your fun weekend or creating a quick tutorial on how to keep your succulents happy, this app will provide you with a variety of tools. You can change the filter of your videos, slow down or speed up clips, add non-lame royalty free music, text and even stickers! There are fairly endless options with this app and it’s all very intuitive to learn.

Admittedly, this app has driven the most traffic for me. It allows you to create gorgeous Instagram Stories from pre-made templates. You choose a template then remix it to make it all your own. You can choose to change the photos, text and color scheme. Then, when you finish all that, you can decide which elements (if any) should have animation. Using the animation tool has kept my followers engaged and encouraged them to take action. Oh, by the way, you can resize any of the layouts for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat and more. I mean, how could you not?

I have a passion for creating a feed that communicates my personal brand. As a web marketing specialist for a company that provides social media coaching, I’ve taken my training and fused it with my passion and experience to bring you these 5 apps. They’re ones I’ve used over the years while trying out others that haven’t quite made the cut. So whether you’re a business, influencer or aspiring influencer, I’m positive you can use these apps to help you slay that Instagram game.